Milton Shops On D-Day

75 years ago, there was a lot more employment and many fewer homes in Milton than there are now – much of the light industry that was here has gone, as have many of the educational and medical/health jobs.

What survives are the jobs in local pubs and shops.  Interestingly, whilst some pubs have disappeared, those that are left are the same as they were during the war. They have obviously been updated and managers/tenants/owners have changed, but they have survived.

By comparison, very few shops are unchanged. Many have gone – especially the corner shops such as those that were on the corners of Meryl Road, Stowe Road and Glasgow Road for example and of those that remain, the vast majority are now quite different.

Those that have the same name and business are few and far between – the Co-Op’s in Milton Market and in Winter Road, Gilberts sweet shop and Rileys newsagent in Locksway Rd are among the few.

Below there is a table of what we have been able to learn about the main parades of shops. Our information source is the Portsmouth Kelly’s Directory for 1941 – obviously we would have preferred the 1944 version, but the only wartime edition published was for 1941. So as far as we know, this is what the shops were selling and what they were called on D-Day, but if you know differently do please let us know.

There are some omissions – for example Bicycle Boutique on Winter Road and Art&Framing in Milton Road are obviously shops that have been there for a long time, but there is no record of them being a shop in the 1941 Kelly’s Directory.

For those shops listed, we have produced a sign which they may display in their window, stating what was being sold there on D-Day. If you have a shop and we have omitted you, do please let us know and we will do our best to ascertain what your shop was on D-Day and to get you a sign to display as well as updating this page.

140 Lloyds Bank Empty
142 Netton, Dairyman Private House
152 Wm Banting, Butchers Best Food & Wine
154 Miss F Morey, Wool Shop Best Food & Wine
156 Chapmans Laundry Vintage Pig
158 Pink&Sons, Grocers Scissors Hair Salon
160 Wm Peace, Fried Fish Shop Deep Blue
162 Walter Evans, Hairdresser South Coast Carpets
164 Harry Stanford, Surgical Boot Maker Balti Express
166 Osbornes Stores, Provisions Merchants Just Eat
Regal Cinema Rowlands/Co-op Funeral
137 Young Bros, Fried Fish Shop Poundwise
141 Chas Cooper & Sons, Butcher Bransbury Park Butchers
143 Stokes E & Son, Wireless Dealers Eastney Gardens
145 Mary Johnson, Café About Time Watch & Clock Restoration
147 Miss Marion Green, Tobacconist Rainbow Charity Shop
149 Neville Oldfield, Greengrocer Curious Weasel Tattoo
151 Stationer & Post Office Milton Market
153 Ditman & Malpas, Corn Merchant Ladbrokes
155 Violet Nash, Woolshop Ladbrokes
157 Josiah Kessel, Baker Green Rose Beauty Rooms
159 Wm Moore, Ironmonger Grande Wines
167 Co-Op Co-Op
169 Dannan & Cobbell, Greengrocers Portsmouth Fruit & Flowers
171 Lindfield Thomas, Draper Bells Boutique
173 Fletcher W&R Ltd, Butcher Winnies
175 Sydney Mould, Provisions Dealer Daisy O’Neil Hair Salon
177 Walter Godding, Stationer The Brewers Tap
181 Gilberts Gilberts
183 Archibold Tribe, Fruiterer Eastney Barbers
187 Brays Ltd, Chemist Rowlands
99 Arthur Dankester, Confectioner Mannys
105 Brunswick Family Laundry Searsons
107 Frank Caldwell, Hosier Insurance
109 Misses V&R Wing, Baby Linen, Ladies Underwear & Wool Dealers Cameron
113 Co-Op Co-Op
Thos. Hooper, Haberdasher Rowlands / Empty
119 Miss Amy Humby, Ladies Outfitter Florist
121 G&M Lowther, Fancy Repository Skin Solutions
123 Herbert Sims, Watchmaker Hair Tree
125 Andrews & Sons, Undertakers Seeded
127 Miss MA Sanigar, Wool Stores Cyd
129 Harvey Frank, Butcher Wok & Chips
131 Harold Goodall, Milliner Lawson Rose
133 Reginald Tutton, Greengrocer Acronym
135 Miss S Chapman, Confectioner Hardware
139 Herbert Moore, Household Stores Kathleens
141 Moore & Tutton, Fishmongers Curry Leaf
143 Harry Sparks, Optician Tattoo Parlour
145 Bike Boutique
147 Smith&Vosper, Bakers Fishing tackle shop
149 Homer Hartland, Drug stores David Antony
151 Herbert Gibb, Grocer David Antony
153 Portsmouth Fruit & Flower Stores Express
155 Miss G Keene, Draper Rose Studio
157 Ernest A’Court, Leather Seller Empire Contractors
159 Albert Taylor, Butcher Advance
161 Mrs L Harding, Confectioner Newsagent
163 Dennis Pike, Ladies Hairdresser Zen Chinese
165 Harry Clement Steele, House Furniture Milton Glass
44 Miss D Grave, Florist Hair @ 44
60 Percy Glasson, Decorators Merchant The Parlour
62/64 Chas Dobson, Tobacconist John Doyle
66 Frederick Moth, Chemist Ladbrokes as was..
257 Campions Bakers Rutherfords Solicitors
257b Miss Duffy, Ice Cream Manufacturer
259 Wm Pierce, Newsagent Holt Alarms
Frank Offen, Draper Escape Hairdresser
265 ?? Art&Framing
68 Percival Snook, Shopkeeper Private House
70 Herbert Murray, Grocers Londis/Post Office
72 Jn Goldsmith, Confectioner Londis/Post Office
74 Geo Goode, Cooked Meat Shop Rachel Lee Hair
76 Barnet & Sons, Fishmongers Crispy Cod
78 Jas Dickson, Confectioner Shanghai Bay
80 Archibold Hiscock, Butcher Batman Grill
82 Harry Middleton, Fruiterer Caring For You
84 Frederick Winslade, Grocer & Post Office Harrington Jenkins Hair
90 Riley’s Newsagent Riley’s Newsagent
96 Ronald Street, Fruiterer Private House

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